i care about collaboratively designing meaningful, multimodal experiences that facilitate critical thought and action.

i create and facilitate interactive, reflective learning experiences -- often in the forms of workshops, courses, 1-on-1 coaching, and consulting -- centered on using design practices to collaboratively, critically approach challenges, both digital and analog.

currently, i'm also on the team at creative reaction lab, where i design and facilitate hands-on trainings to guide people in using a design framework called equity-centered community design.

i also make zines and dance. you can find my other creative stuff here.

Core Values

(Eco)systems-level planning

no design exists in a vacuum. when designing, it’s important to examine how the final outcome (whether a product, service, or experience) will fit within a broader context.

Continuous improvement

good design never ends. it’s grounded in the ongoing improvement, iteration, and evolution of ideas. while i strive to design in ways that are inclusive and accessible, i recognize an ongoing need to continue to learn how to design for more access and inclusion.

Collaborative learning + doing

design is best when it’s done collaboratively. in good design processes, every person has something to offer, and every person has something to learn.

Challenging [oppressive] systems

i believe that every decision is a design, and that huge systems are made up of micro designs. designs, no matter the scale, impact systems and the people who interact with those systems. i seek to (co)design experiences, products, and processes that challenge systems of oppression and exclusion, and promote equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Guiding Principles

Get in touch

i'm available for project-based, freelance design work, customized design workshops, and caffeine. interested? let's chat.

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