Design Thinking for Business Strategy

In this workshop, people learn tools and techniques of user research to identify core business challenges across multiple perspectives and to develop strategies that integrate the needs of both people (e.g. customers) and organizations (e.g. businesses.)


1-2 days

ideal For

work teams that want to better connect with current and future customers' needs


Design Research + Strategy Workshop introduces participants to the design tools and frameworks, with a particular focus on observation, reflection, and inquiry to begin to understand the goals of needs of diverse stakeholders within a design context. This is a critical step in identifying challenges that stakeholders face and in developing realistic, informed strategies to address them. In this interactive learning experience, participants work individually and in small teams to learn about, and practice, tools and methods for planning, conducting, and analyzing research. We will also critically examine and discuss the roles, forms, and relationships of power within design processes. This workshop draws from frameworks including design thinking, Equity-Centered Community Design, and permaculture design.


  • Creating a research plan
  • Mapping internal goals, needs, assumptions, and constraints
  • Cost-benefit analysis for design research
  • Designing and conducting surveys
  • Designing and conducting interviews
  • Analyzing research with AEIOU
  • Analyzing research with the Elito Method
  • Zone mapping
  • Sector analysis
  • Designing personas
  • Designing empathy maps
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