Web Design
Winter/Spring 2018

Blue Turtle Bodywork

Through a research-informed, people-centered, collaborative process, I designed the website for Blue Turtle Bodywork, a Chicago-based massage therapy practice that prioritizes trauma-informed bodywork for queer and trans people of color.



Blue Turtle Bodywork is a massage/bodywork business that currently does not have a place to which they can direct bodywork customers. There is no place where potential Blue Turtle Bodywork customers can learn about the business, direct inquiries, or read about different services offered. Blue Turtle Bodywork is looking for a website to promote their brand, increase visibility, and to allow their customers to easily schedule appointments.

Project Goals

  1. Conduct lean primary and secondary research to identify the target audiences of Blue Turtle Bodywork, and their needs, goals, priorities, and pain points.
  2. Develop a solid design strategy that weighs target audience goals against business goals.
  3. Design clear information architecture to facilitate key user interactions, including appointment bookings and contact inquiries.
  4. Design a responsive website for Blue Turtle Bodywork that meets user needs based on research and strategy, and that is consistent with existing branding assets and available content.
  5. Conduct ongoing monitoring, usability testing, and iteration to ensure that product meets the goals and needs of both the client and their customers.

Key Outcomes

This project was about more than just designing a website. It was about clearly defining the needs and goals of target audiences, and designing a digital experience that aligned with the shared goals of current clients, new clients, and the business. Through user research, we learned that clarity, simplicity, transparency, trustfulness, and a sense of calm were all key elements to attracting clients, and that the website needed to clearly convey the business priorities of centering queer and trans people of color in a trauma-informed, accessible, body-positive practice.

With a new website, Blue Turtle Bodywork was able to not only expand its audience reach, but was able to increase audience engagement and earn its first online bookings for massage services. Blue Turtle Bodywork completed its first online order one week after the site launch, and has since continued to grow as a business.