Facilitation + Training
Spring 2018

Content Strategy: Equity-Centered Community Design Field Guide

As part of the Creative Reaction Lab team, I supported the production and release of the first-ever Equity-Centered Community Design Field Guide through content writing and design strategy.



Creative Reaction Lab is a non-profit social enterprise committed to fighting racism by design with design. Creative Reaction Lab takes a two-pronged approach to this: (1) educating and deploying Black and Latinx youth leadership to design new ways to disrupt and dismantle racial inequities, and (2) training adult allies in implementing a design framework called Equity-Centered Community Design. Equity-Centered Community Design, or ECCD, builds on Human-Centered Design and challenges design stakeholders to examine power constructs, examine historical trauma and inequities, and ensure that people most directly impacted by social issues are centered throughout design processes.

During my role as Creative Reaction Lab’s Learning and Education Manager, I led the development of program curricula and learning tools, including content for the ECCD Field Guide. I led ideation and content generation, wrote step-by-step activity instructions, and helped shaped the overall tone and voice of the Field Guide.

Project Outcomes

Creative Reaction Lab released the Equity-Centered Field Guide in late winter 2018. More than one thousand people in the United States and internationally in sectors including health, education, civic service, and media have accessed, used, and shared the Field Guide as a core tool for helping shape conversations and actions towards just, equitable design and decision-making.

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