Facilitation + Training

DesignLab UX Course Mentoring and Coaching

As a DesignLab Mentor, I provide 1-on-1 coaching and training for students who are enrolled in four-week online courses on specialized topics in UX design. Currently, I mentor students enrolled in courses focused on UX research, design strategy, and interaction design.


What I do

DesignLab is a mentor-led online design education platform focused on training people in UX and UI design. DesignLab has two main types of learning experiences: an intensive program, UX Academy, for students who are looking to land jobs in UX design, and four-week long crash courses in particular UX design topics, such as user research, interaction design, and user interface design. Hundreds of students from around the world enroll each month in DesignLab courses, and DesignLab partners with UX designers to serve as course mentors.

As a short course mentor, I hold weekly 1-on-1 coaching meetings and provide individualized feedback on students’ course assignments. As a facilitator and educator at heart, I am passionate about building relationships with others who are passionate and curious about solving problems through design and to support them along their professional journeys.

What Students Say

“Erika is immensely helpful and patient. She gives great, constructive feedback to help you understand better and get the most out of the course. I was lucky to have her as my mentor.”

“Erika is amazing! It can sometimes be difficult for me to take constructive feedback, but she is always so encouraging and helpful! She provides additional links to resources which I always get a lot from and it helps me to grow in my learning process.”

"I learn a lot during our sessions and I appreciate that she gives me lots of time to ask all the questions I have."

Connections are nice

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