Web Design
Fall 2017

Permaculture Institute

This project focused on better meeting the needs of potential and new site visitors of Permaculture Institute's website by improving site navigation, site interaction, content strategy, and user interface design.



The Permaculture Institute is a non-profit organization that provides trainings and resources to support people in learning about, and practicing, permaculture. The Permaculture Institute’s existing website was designed several years ago and was in need of a fresh look and improved navigability. This project focused on redesigning the Permaculture Institute’s website with a new WordPress theme, clear site navigation, search engine optimization, reliable features for engaging visitors (including e-commerce,) and content that showcases the Institute’s extensive collection of media.


  • Redesign the Permaculture Institute website in WordPress, with updated content, features, and calls to action/user interactions, including functional e-commerce for class registrations.
  • Define clear, logical information architecture so that people can better navigate and interact with the new site.
  • Optimize the new site for major search engines to support efforts to improve site traffic.
  • Ensure responsive design to fully support the different needs of customers viewing the site on various screen sizes (e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop.)
  • Ensure coherent branding that aligns with the Permaculture Institute’s existing brand/marketing strategy.

Project Outcomes

This collaborative design process resulted in a website that was easier for visitors to navigate, and easier for Permaculture Institute staff to maintain. Permaculture Institute's website continues to be one of the most frequently visited permaculture websites online, and continues to attract new and existing practitioners to register for courses internationally.

Engaging my client as a design partner not only allowed for frequent check-ins about project progress and project satisfaction, but it also meant that my client developed a deeper understanding and confidence with backend site administration, visual design, and troubleshooting common technical issues.