Web Design
Spring 2017

Working Bikes

This project focuses on designing a responsive website for Working Bikes, a Chicago-based nonprofit, that aligns with its values and enhances Working Bikes’ relationships with its stakeholders.



Working Bikes is a used bicycle shop in Chicago that “rescues discarded bicycles and gives them new life by redistributing them as tools of empowerment in local and global communities.”

Working Bikes has an informative website with a humble feel, but there is room to improve the way the website serves new and existing customers. This project focuses on designing a responsive website for Working Bikes that aligns with its values and enhances Working Bikes’ relationships with its various stakeholders.

Project Goals

  • Redesign the Working Bikes website to include updated features, content, and calls to action, subject to strategic needs.
  • Define clear, logical information architecture to support the organization of existing and new content on the Working Bikes website.
  • Ensure responsive mobile design to fully support the different needs of customers on desktop vs mobile.
  • Ensure coherent branding that aligns with the in-shop customer experience.

Project Outcomes

Based on feedback from participants in usability tests, it was clear that users value consistency, organization, and ease of information consumption, all of which are important factors to consider in designing any page. Thus, in the high-fidelity designs of key screens, I sought layouts that balanced text with imagery, balanced negative space with essential content, and featured a limited number of clear calls to action. The high-fidelity composites represent an update to the information architecture, content strategy, and overall visual design of the Working Bikes website, but they retain original site elements, including the logo, color palette, , image assets, and tone of content, in order to present users with a fresh interface without entirely abandoning the aesthetics of Working Bikes’ current website.

Due to resource constraints, a flexible and smart approach to user research and testing — one that involves wide participant recruitment, guerilla testing, and thorough secondary research — proved to be critical to this project. By utilizing a combination of remote and in-person research and testing methods, I was able to collect feedback early and often throughout the stages of the project.

This project also highlighted the importance of thoughtful, clear content strategy. While Working Bikes’ primary mission is to donate bikes to communities in need, it is widely known and believed to be just another used bike shop — and the website is a key tool for messaging their brand, activities, and impacts to both new and potential customers. Throughout the design process, I was able to closely examine both the strengths and weaknesses in how existing content conveyed the organizational mission, and was able to propose designs that communicated content in more streamlined, simplified, and consistent ways.