If you’re interested in collaborating on a design project, I’d love to talk with you. I offer free consultation to support you in identifying needs, goals, resources, and possible approaches to your project.

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Whether designing a product or service, digital or analog, research is an integral step. Research is an ongoing process that helps us better understand what we are designing, for whom, and why; it tests our assumptions, uncovers insights that we could otherwise miss, and clarifies design goals.

Research can look like, but is not limited to: 

developing critical guiding questions, acknowledging assumptions, and defining assets and constraints

better understanding user needs and goals through thorough, consentful inquiry

developing a research-informed, community-aligned strategy to guide future processes

conducting usability tests to determine how products and services meet (or don't meet) user needs and goals
I approach design with people at the core, every step of the way. I believe in using user research to inform design decisions, believe that no idea is too wild to try, and that good design is iterative, inclusive, and imaginative.

Design can look like, but is not limited to:

rapid prototyping of a new service or program idea

defining user interactions through site maps, user flows, wireframes, and prototypes

producing branding assets, including logos, wordmarks, and style guides

designing or redesigning websites that are responsive to multiple screen sizes, informed by user research, and ready to launch

graphics/visual design of assets including flyers, posters, web banners, and activity sheets/worksheets
There is one thing I enjoy more than doing user experience design: facilitating spaces where others can learn these skills. I offer customized workshops and trainings based on participants' goals in a variety of topics focused on user experience design.

Facilitation and training can look like, but is not limited to:

facilitating spaces for young people to build skills in asset-based, community-centered research

training teams in applying user experience design to the design of programs, curricula, and services

training teams in selecting and applying user research methods and tools

training teams to use lean UX strategies to leverage key design principles within resource constraints

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