erika [harano/roos]


is a queer, mixed race, anti-imperialist, japanese, fluid-femme performance artist, movement researcher, choreographer, experience designer, interdisciplinary educator, && polydimensional humxn

(who is)

interested in
subverting systems of power;
and the in/betweens

bodies moving in (between) space and time
choreography, artistic direction
this spring, i am curating an experimental, iterative, co-creative dance performance at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum in St. Louis, as part of their inaugural event Kemper Live: Here and Now.

the performance series centers around the museum’s current exhibit A Sound, a Signal, the Circus by artist Nicole Miller.

exploring themes of expressive articulation, liminality and ephemerality, layered and fluid motion, and rehearsal-as-performance, five queer and mixed-race dance artists will create and present a series of three, seven-minute compositions.

together we consider:

what does it mean to move in and through the here and now, with/in queer and mixed race bodies?

what does it mean to perform with/in ambiguous contexts and conditions?

Allied Media Conference
experience design
i am currently supporting Allied Media Conference (AMC2022) in designing the first-ever hybrid conference in the organization’s 20+ year history.

learn more about AMC 2022 >

object(ification) of (my) desire
performance, choreography
this solo choreography and performance explores performativity, desire, cyclicality, and the (un)certainty of change. this work is informed by movement research with Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology

through this work, i explore my (re)orientation towards and around objects -- a vase of flowers, individual flower stems and petals, a mirror, tubes of lipstick, a bench -- as well as the audience surrounding me -- as markers of sexuality, desire, and (be)longing. i explore what it means to generate power and possibility within breakdown and within change -- to relationships, to plans, and to perception.

notes on a practice in listening

this choreographic work, produced in collaboration with performing artists, is an exploration of miss(understoo)d communication, feedback loops, and what we do(n’t) always show others.

we consider: what are the things we think, but hesitate to say out loud? what are the parts of ourselves we know, but hesitate to show? under what conditions are we most open to the communication streams we desire?

this work was produced in a 24 hour period (in 12 working hours) during Dance24, a choreography festival hosted by Resilience Dance Company.

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